Our Strategic Objectives

1. CJGEA will invest in influencing the decision making process of government and environmental sustainable decisions and its members will influence political and policy decision making in order to influence sustainable environmental governance in line with local, regional and international instruments in Kenya.

2. CJGEA and our membership will work together to influence public opinion in Kenya and increase CJGEA's activities that promote environment and social economic justice.

3. CJGEA strengthens the capacity of its community membership to sustain all environmental movements.

Activities for achievement of strategic objectives:-
(i) Organise coastal communities to form strong and sustainable environmental movement.
(ii) Empower local communities to protect their community and the environment from pollution and risky extractive activities.
(iii) Advocate for effective implementation of environmental laws and policies.
(iv) Challenge the responsibility of environmental agencies and government towards the protection of communities from individuals or businesses that pose a risk to their health and the environment.
(v) Raise and provide judicial precedents.
(vi) Advocate for safer spaces for environmental human rights defenders from poor and rural areas.
(vii) Leverage on media as a tool to influence public opinion.