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Center for Justice Governance and Environmental Action

Our Members

Our Members

This year, Center for Justice Governance and Environmental Action is implementing a project on Procedural Environmental Rights. Part of the project is geared towards advocating for, and enhancing the safety of the people that are working on access to information, public participation and access to justice around environmental issues. In line with this CJGEA in collaboration with other EHRDs around the country is forming a coalition of environmental human rights defenders in Kenya.
Global witness in its expose “Deadly environment” terms Environmental rights defenders as the most at risk group of HRDs. The appointment of the 1st Ever UN special Independent mandate on Human Rights and the environment Dr.John Knox further illustrates the nature of seriousness. Over the past decade, experts and scholars have been having discussions surrounding the human rights obligations relating to the environment. CJGEA has taken an evidence-based approach to this task. Our research has revealed that it is less likely to enjoy Human rights if environmental rights are hindered even though enshrined in the international laws and the Kenya constitution (Articles 42, 69 & 70).
We face a unique range of challenges, as has been brought out by the Global witness report of 2015 dubbed Deadly Environment that revealed the sensitive nature of threats of environmental human right defenders globally; with 185 deaths across 14 countries, 2015 was the worst year on record. The 2016 subsequent report was even more gruesome as it documented death of 183 activists across 16 countries. Kenya as a country is among the 14 countries that voted against United Nation General Assembly (UNGA) resolution on protection of human right defenders. This endorses the critical need therefore, to set up an environmental coalition that addresses specific needs of EHRDs.

Our Members

Meet the Community Members that make the organization successful.

Phyllis Omido,

Kenyan Environmental Activist

She's Africa’s recipient of the Goldman Environmental Prize in 2015 ....

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Lawyer by profession

She holds a masters degree from the University of Dar es Salaam and graduated in the year 2013....

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An Environmental Journalist

Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Media Studies from the University of Nairobi.

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A Photographer by Profession

He is the proud honoree of the Men Impact Change, 2016 for the efforts he is making in protecting and conserving the environment.

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Environmental/Social Activist

From an early age, Malik has accepted the responsibility and taken critical concern and action on the problems of ....

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Wildlife and Environment Conservation

He has a passion and participated actively in organizing tree planting and events such as the wheel barrow drive....

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A Resident of the Owino Uhuru community

He is a powerful community mobilizer and an advocate for the environment and gender rights....

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Human Rights Defender from Magarini

Works with Center for Justice Governance and Environmental Action in advocating for the rights of the Magarini people..

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A former smelter worker

A representative of the community as per the constitution mandates it and gives input where needed.

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An Environmentalist

She has a vision of seeing the day that the world would be a better, sustainable place for habitation.

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An environmentalist from Turkana South

He has been able to work as a governance officer at Alemun Pastrolism Empowerment Initiative (APEI)...

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Passionate Human Rights Defender

Driven by the desire to see a great social change towards the communities that were being faced by human rights violation..

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Chairman of KCNRN

He has more than 24 years work experience in Government, and international NGO and the private sector...

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Founding Executive Director of HURIA

has over 15 years’ hands on experience working in Human Rights, Social Justice, and Environmental Justice ...

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Mr. Ogola

Advocate against Environmental Pollution

A human right defender who advocates for environmental and land rights of his community in Owino Uhuru, Mombasa.

Anastacia Nambo

A powerful Advocate Against Pollution

A human right defender who advocates for environmental and land rights of her community in Owino Uhuru, Mombasa.

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