Education and Empowerment

This team targets all stakeholders in the environmental movement i.e duty bearers, rights holders, capital holders and other stake holders eg media, to build their capacity on business and human rights issues.

The program also targets school children and the youth through youth groups, colleges, universities, secondary schools and primary schools.

The tools employed include:-

1. Setting up environmental clubs. The clubs are motivated to be active and are empowered on the environment; climate change and human rights. Activities like tree planting and tree gifting are encouraged.
2. The young members are made environment scouts. (Tree gifting is the practice where the teams are encouraged to give a tree seedling to parents of new borns within their villages and communities). Through the ancient cultural practice reforestation and environmental mentorship is encouraged.
3. Environmental health and outreach raising environmental awareness among the communities including school children helps raise a new generation which respects the environment. The same program also covers education, capacity building and empowerment of the vulnarable communities.
4. Media training
5. Human rights training